Vice Chair

Mark, Vice Chair 1

As vice chair of ASAP’s board of directors, Mark focuses his efforts on driving ASAP into the future, stewarding the company’s long-range planning and visionary leadership. He has worked his way up the organization, most recently serving as senior vice president.

Mark has led ASAP’s payroll business operations and grew the payroll business by 456% during his 12-year tenure overseeing the payroll operations (that’s no typo, that’s real growth). Mark spent his first two years with ASAP supporting employers’ needs at the Telluride front desk and working to relieve the burdens small employers face from HR processes, payroll compliance and accounting headaches.

Mark was invited to participate on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s stakeholders roundtable. His grasp of operations was a natural fit, along with his interest in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline business work flows and improve efficiencies.

Mark has many passions in life. Traveling, sports and his family are just a few. Mark met his wife Najette in Telluride, Colorado. The two love to travel and could easily be successful contestants on the Amazing Race. They now have their first beautiful daughter who keeps them on their toes. Mark and his family split their time between Texas and Colorado to be close to family in both states. If you want to strike up a conversation with Mark, just bring up sports. Any sport will do, but college football and soccer are his two most prolific topics.