ASAP 1099 Processing

Did you know that ASAP can assist with processing those pesky 1099s? To take advantage of our early-bird discount, submit vendor information by Monday, January 17. In the meantime, check out our 1099 FAQs below to give you a jumpstart on tax season.

3 Steps to Get Started

STEP 1: Complete ASAP’s 1099 Processing Application
An application must be submitted each year, even if we previously processed 1099s for you. An ASAP 1099 Coordinator will review your application and be in contact. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next 24-48 hours in case they have any questions.

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STEP 2: Complete ASAP’s 1099 eSheet
After your application is processed, ASAP’s 1099 Coordinator will email you the 1099 eSheet.

STEP 3: Upload Completed 1099 eSheet
Do NOT send files via email. Your 1099 eSheet contains sensitive information – this is for your protection!

To avoid additional fees:

  • Obtain ALL vendor/recipient information BEFORE submitting your eSheet. It’s your responsibility to submit complete, accurate information.
  • Don’t submit duplicate recipient data. Only submit additional recipient data on subsequent eSheets.
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