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We are payroll and accounting experts who love working with small businesses. ASAP grew up on Main Street within walking distance to our customers. We learned early on if we made a mistake it hurt real people – like your employees. It’s ingrained in our culture to go the extra mile to take care of our customers because they are also our friends!

Looking for Payroll – Let’s Go!

Stellar Support


Yep, we are all real people at ASAP. No models in these photos. And, no outsourced hourly contractors in other countries. We are payroll and accounting experts who love working with
small businesses across the US in the following industries.

“When we met the ASAP team via the Colorado Companies to Watch awards, there
was no hesitation in switching to their services. If you want the ease of an effective payroll provider without ever having to look over your shoulder for errors, ASAP is a partnership well invested. ”

Frank Maggio, COO
Chaè Organics

Testimonial Frank Maggio, COO

“Before we started working with ASAP we thought we wouldn’t be able to find a
provider that can provide great service at an affordable rate. Luckily we were referred to ASAP by our CPA. What pleases us the most is the personal level of care we receive with any inquiry – we honestly feel like we know everyone well. ”

Amanda Wagner, Executive Director
The Aspen Clinic

Testimonial Amanda Wagner, Executive Director

“ASAP allows me to focus on what I am good at while insuring the details of payroll and compliance are taken care of. The team at ASAP is helpful, prompt, reliable, and excellent at what they do. It’s a company I trust and am excited to grow my company with. ”

Ashley Etling, Co-Founder
Red Clay

Testimonial Ashley Etling, Co-Founder

“ASAP’s team helps our organization keep professional and accurate financials. I especially enjoy the ability to access our financial data anytime through their Remote Server. This allows us to keep our Board of Directors informed and up-to-date with the latest financial records.”

Erica Kinias, Executive Director
Telluride Historical Museum

Testimonial Erica Kinias, Executive Director

Customers Love Us

In fact, 80% of our customers come from referrals.

Mistake-Free Tax Filings, Guaranteed By Real People


We got started on Main Street in a small town, so many of our customers are also friends and neighbors.
Early on, if we made a mistake, we would hear about it right away – in line for coffee, or at the local pub.
It was obvious that mistakes on payroll hurt real people – like you or your employees. That’s why our
team of experts uses a triple-check process to make sure that we don’t make mistakes. If we ever do
make a mistake or miss a deadline on tax filings, we will pay any fees or fines that result. Guaranteed.

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