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Events related to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) are unprecedented. We’re pulling together resources and tips to help you navigate the flurry of information and find solutions. Please refer to the COVID-19 section of our Help Center for updates.

ALERT: Limited Office Hours – 3pm-4:30pm
for pick-ups and drop-offs

Here at ASAP, we’ve taken steps to continue services and support you through these challenges. We’re still working our regular hours of 9am – 5pm to process payrolls and answer questions, but we’re limiting foot traffic to our offices. Please adjust your submission time if needed to allow pickup within the allotted time.

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Online HR Support Center

Access thousands of sample HR policies & forms, research HR compliance issues in all 50 states, or take advantage of the numerous compliance tools & checklists.

  • Self-serve access is included with our payroll services; additional HR advisory plans available to help you craft & research issues for you directly.
  • If you need or lost your access credentials, contact your account manager.

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HR resources at your fingertips.

Employee Background Checks

Uncover important records you need to know to make an informed and smart hiring decision; through our partnership with the National Crime Search (NCS), hire smarter by running background checks quickly & affordably. Colorado searches starting at $16.95, combined Colorado & National searches at $28.95.

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Hire Slow

Self-Service, ready-to-roll screening platform.

Labor Law Posters


Poster Compliance

ASAP offers labor law posters at a discounted rate. Get a one-time All-in-One Poster or sign up for one of our ongoing compliance packages.

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ASAP ShareFile is where you can access important payroll records such as Quarterly Returns, custom reports, and more. Follow this link to (y)our secure file share. Don't have a login? Contact us.


Client Help Center

Search ASAP's knowledge base for FAQs regarding processing, paperwork, tax processing, and much more.


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