Tyler joined ASAP’s Marketing Team in 2016, when he became our Customer Success Manager. A Colorado native, Tyler was born in Evergreen and grew up in Denver. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Management with a marketing focus at the University of Dayton, Ohio, before moving back to Denver to begin his marketing career.

Tyler vacationed in Telluride about four times a year, and each time the allure to pursue a life there grew. He was intrigued by an opportunity with ASAP, and decided to make the transition. “The culture of the company is very appealing,” says Tyler. “ASAP is entrenched in the community and truly cares about its customers.”

As the Customer Success Manager, Tyler walks new clients through the payroll on-boarding process; helping them understand and feel comfortable with the responsibilities of being an employer and the resources ASAP can provide.

Now, living in his favorite vacation spot, Tyler enjoys the outdoors to the fullest. He can be found skiing every weekend during the winter, and spends the warmer months golfing, backpacking, and trail running with his girlfriend Brittany and their three-year-old Chocolate Lab named Kai.

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