QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

Years ago, our accounting team never would have recommended QuickBooks Online. However, nowadays, it’s the first program we recommend, especially for new businesses or those that want more automation and integrated applications. Whether you’re a loyal QuickBooks user or just starting out, you need to know the difference between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Here’s what we see as the key differentiators. If the following is still foreign to you, give us a call and we can chat about features as it relates to your business needs. ASAP has you covered either way; our Managed Services Team can help you make an informed decision.

QuickBooks DESKTOP is a good choice if:

  • you have robust inventory, job costing, or custom reporting needs (light inventory available with QBO)
  • you need to create invoices in batch or perform progress invoicing and/or partial purchase orders
  • you have a variety of price levels and/or billing rate levels
  • you need to batch enter timesheets
  • you utilize QuickBooks Statement Writer
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With ASAP’s Virtual Server solution you can access your QuickBooks Desktop database anytime, anywhere via our hosted server.

QuickBooks ONLINE is a good choice if:

  • you want flexibility to work on the go from your computers and mobile devices
  • you are comfortable with cloud computing environment where data is stored online and only accessible with an internet connection
  • you are looking for a zero maintenance software (updates automatically occur and new features rolled out automatically)
  • you want to explore automation (now, or anytime in the future) including automatic bank feeds, automatically schedule and send transactions, seamless integration with 3rd party applications, and more.
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ASAP offers monthly subscriptions through our partnership with Intuit. Additionally we can help you convert from desktop to online.

What version?

At ASAP, we recommend the QuickBooks Online Plus version as it’s most comparable to the desktop version as far as reporting and features, but more importantly because of the 1099 vendor management is worth every penny to help prep those 1099s at year end.

So how do YOU decide?

The first step is to look at the features that QuickBooks Desktop has that Online doesn’t and ask yourself if those are necessary.

If you see some gaps with QuickBooks Online, often times there are 3rd party apps that can fill those gaps and typically with more bells and whistles.

Keep in mind; Intuit’s focus as company is with the online platform. With that said, QuickBooks Online will continuously be updated, will get better faster, and will integrate with more and more applications each day.

However, with that said, it does not mean the online version is right for everyone, so do some digging, chat with your team (CPA/ASAP) to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Looking to CONVERT from Desktop to Online?

Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is a great step in unlocking features for your accounting activities. However, there are a number of areas you need to review and confirm before the conversion can take place. When you’re ready to begin the conversion process, review this ASAP’s Conversion Checklist and seek assistance from our Product Support Gurus – we’re here to help!

We can help!

ASAP Managed Services Team can help you determine what’s right for you. We can assess your current situation, talk through variables, provide some demonstrations and suggestions on what might be the right mix of solutions based on your business and the way you operate with technology.