ASAP Increases the Reach and Value of CPAs to Their Clients

McCannon Tyler & Associates 1McCannon Tyler & Associates, LLC, CPAs (MTA) has been helping clients navigate complex taxation and financial accounting issues in Durango and Denver for more than 20 years. As a full service accounting firm, the MTA team understands the importance of communication and integration across financial disciplines – especially payroll.

But more than a decade ago, they made a change that gave that connection new meaning. Fed up with errors, poor communication and non-existent customer service from their large, national payroll provider, they turned to ASAP for their payroll needs.

“ASAP doesn’t just do payroll, they take charge of, and truly own, the payroll process. This gives my team peace of mind knowing that our clients’ payroll is going to be comprehensive, on-time and error-free — and it lets my team focus on the things we do best — helping clients navigate complex accounting and taxation issues.”
Mike McCannon, Founding Partner


Intrigued by the promise of high-tech and low-cost payroll solutions, MTA turned their own firm’s payroll business over to a large, national payroll provider. Within months, they learned the true costs of a production payroll house and were again shopping for a payroll solution – but this time, they wanted a real partner.

“We tried to buy our payroll processing like a commodity and boy did we pay for it.”

Fed up with errors, poor communication and non-existent customer service, McCannon talked with his partners in Durango. Through a meeting among common clients, McCannon Tyler & Associates, LLC had been impressed with ASAP, and they saw an opportunity to talk to ASAP about their own payroll needs.

That introduction has led to a decade-long partnership that supports the firm’s own payroll needs along with more than 20 McCannon Tyler & Associates, LLC clients throughout the US and Canada. “Now we use ASAP for all of our payroll needs and refer them to any client who is in need of a quality partner,” says McCannon.

“Their service is second-to-none. ASAP is not just a payroll company, they continuously go above and beyond. They’re personable, approachable and strive to be ahead of the curve. If anyone says payroll, I say ASAP.”

Working with ASAP

Whether as a customer, or a partner working on mutual clients, MTA benefits significantly from ASAP’s deep understanding of the link between accounting and payroll services.

ASAP’s deep knowledge translates into effective and efficient management of complex multi-state payroll needs across all states. In some states, the processes and policies are particularly onerous or complex, and clients often end up with lots of confusing notices and alerts. ASAP sifts through the complexities and delivers informed solutions that provide peace of mind.

“Payroll is its own piece of accounting and taxation, so I tell clients ‘let an expert handle it’ and ASAP is that expert.”

ASAP, We’re the Best Partner for CPAs and Their Clients

At ASAP, we know that timely access to current, accurate information is an essential part of payroll services. When clients have questions, we have answers – from the same people that process their payroll. As a partner, we are here and accessible at the most important time – when clients need us.

We provide the infrastructure, reporting and systems you need to give the most value to your client. We save you from wasting valuable hours on tracking, reporting, or even locating important data or files. A CPA’s job is easier when their clients have the solid systems, processes and controls in place to let you do what you do best. ASAP provides those essential elements so that your clients are more prepared, informed and successful.

At ASAP, we take great pride in the trust that our partners place in us, and the CPAs we work with value ASAP as go-to resource for their clients’ payroll needs. How do we know? Because most of our referrals come from CPAs whose clients already work with ASAP!