Balancing Budget Stewardship & Top-Tier Service

Tough market conditions and budget constraints are common challenges for organizations of all types, but they especially impact government and nonprofit organizations. Organizations must find new ways to do more with less and explore innovative ways to achieve goals. Here in Colorado, a regional government entity found itself facing those exact challenges.

“As a government entity, we are always working hard to be fiscally responsible and a good steward of taxpayer funds. At the same time, we must balance our spending strategy with providing our constituents with the highest quality services.

From their initial commitment to truly understanding our challenges and changing needs, ASAP has been a true partner.”

Finance Manager, Regional Government*

Payroll processing is an essential and complex function, especially given the county’s geographically dispersed 100+ employees, representing law enforcement, road and bridge, parks and recreation, and administrative services.

This government entity initially considered outsourcing as a cost-savings initiative, but ASAP Accounting & Payroll brought much more to the table. As an expert in payroll, accounting and work-flow solutions, ASAP took a holistic view of the county’s operations and delivered a comprehensive solution, providing them with a customized solution that included payroll technology and the support and training essential to ensure success.

ASAP addressed all of the finance team’s payroll challenges and uncovered opportunities to further streamline processes.

ASAP’s team-centric approach allowed a regional government entity to clearly identify and collectively solve pain points across the entire organization – from human resources and operations, to the accounting team. In county government, it’s rare that two payroll cycles are ever alike, and the ASAP team invested in understanding the complete picture to uncover the vital nuances that are essential to the government entity’s payroll processing, reporting and accounting.

With ASAP, the regional government entity found not only an innovative solution to their initial budgeting challenge but also a partner that anticipates future needs and provides the guidance and solutions to exceed them.

*For confidentiality purposes, ASAP cannot disclose the name of the Regional Government entity profiled in this case study.

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