Apply & Submit your data by Wednesday January 17th and ASAP will ensure your 1099’s are processed accurately & on time.

31st iconNew IRS Deadline this Year: IRS & State copies must be filed by January 31st! Learn more.

Recipient’s copies must also be mailed by January 31st.

1099 Processing Service Fees

  • Before January 15th = $50.00 base fee + $5.00 per 1099
  • After January 16th = $100.00 base fee + $5.00 per 1099

Base Fee includes one ASAP 1099 eSheet submission; each additional eSheet is $25.
Fees include postage to recipients and electronic filing services.
You will receive a PDF report of all 1099 copies processed for your files.

*Amendments & Corrections = $45.00 per change (includes per form fees, mailing to recipients, and agency reporting).

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my form look like?

>> Anatomy of a 1099 Form

Why do I need to send 1099’s?

>> Intro to 1099 Processing

When do I need to request a Form W-9
from a vendor? 
>> Learn More

Is there a form that my Vendors or Contractors should complete for my records?

>>W-9 Form, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Running Out of Time? Need a 1099 Extension?

>>Requesting Extensions to File 1099’s




STEP 1 → Complete ASAP’s 1099 Processing Services APPLICATION

whyasap-2STEP 2 → download ASAP 1099 E-Sheet & input your 1099 reporting data. 

whyasap-3 STEP 3 → UPLOAD your completed 1099 eSheet.

Upload below: Do NOT send files via email! Your 1099 eSheet contains sensitive information – this is for your protection!

NOTE: Some users reported not seeing an ‘Upload Successful’ message when using this form. However, all data has been received except in rare cases when users received an ‘error message’ specifically.

It is your responsibility to submit complete information in the eSheet.  Any missing, incomplete, or inaccurate information may result in additional charges.

Each additional eSheet submitted is $25. We recommended you obtain ALL vendor/recipient information BEFORE submitting your eSheet to avoid additional fees.

When submitting additional recipient information, please be careful to not submit duplicate data.  Please ONLY submit the additional recipient data on your subsequent eSheets.



You will be contacted directly by our 1099 Coordinator once they have reviewed your files for processing – please keep an eye out in your Inbox within the next 24-48 hours in case they have any questions.


1099 Contractor versus Employee

Review these recommendations to protect yourself from mis-classification.

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