It’s not a matter of IF cybercrime will impact your business; it’s a matter of WHEN. During this webinar, Ralph Gagliardi, Agent in Charge, Colorado Bureau of Investigation High Tech Crimes Unit, shares practical tips to protect small businesses from cybercrime, such as payroll diversion fraud and business identity theft.

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Payroll diversion fraud and other scams targeting small businesses are on the rise! In 2021, Colorado businesses lost millions of dollars to cybercrimes committed via email and text. To help fight fraud, we’ve embarked on a mission to raise awareness about data security best practices, which starts with YOU.

As scammers get savvier, business owners and employees need to get smarter about cybersecurity best practices. Here are a few simple rules you can put in place now to mitigate fraud at your organization:

  1. Never send bank account info via email text or other unsecure method.
  2. Directly validate the source of all requests that involve money or sensitive info.
  3. Always be skeptical — don’t be “quick to click”
  4. Educate your team on phishing, spoofing and other social engineering scams that target employees
  5. Implement policies to protect personally identifiable information (PII)
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