2018  | Before your FIRST payroll

  • SUI Rate Notices & IRS/State Frequency Changes: please share any annual notices with us. Learn more — UI Rate Changes,IRS Freq. changes, CO Filing Freq. Notice, & Annual Tran. of State DR-1093.
  • 2018 Minimum Wage Changes Requirements: do the new wage requirements impact me? >>Learn more.
  • 2018 Labor Law Posters: do I need new posters? >>Pre-Order Today
  • Payroll Schedule 2018: how to review your future calendars for accuracy? >>Learn more.
  • W4 Changes for 2018: should employees complete a new W4 each year? >>Learn more
  • Employee Benefit Election Changes: inputting or communicating employee premium/election changes.
  • 401k, Simple Plan Limits: For 2018, the 401k elective deferral limits increased to $18,500, but the Simple IRA limit remained unchanged. >>Learn more.
  • HSA Limits: For 2018, the self-only limits increased to $3,450; family limit increased to $6,900. >>Learn more


2018 Checklist

Review this brief New Year Checklist and start 2018 off right.


1099 FAQ

Review best practices in handling 1099's for vendors and contractors.

Still trying to close out 2017?

  • Employee Address Updates: Please review/update employee addresses on file. >>Learn more.
  • Special Bonus Run Prep: Please review our supplemental pay checklist to insure proper handling. >>Learn more.
  • Officer Year End Payments & Health Premiums: Do you need to pay additional officer wages? Add 2% health premiums to W2?
    Other items for tax planning? >>Learn more.
  • Fringe Benefits: Did you offer any of these benefits? Company Car, Group Term Life Insurance, Employer Paid Ski Pass? >>Learn more.
  • Insure all wages paid via payroll: Don’t wait for your CPA’s review to find a bonus/commission not properly recorded through payroll.
  • 1099 Preparation: do I need to prepare/file these forms? >>Learn more
  • Update Authorized CPA on file: would you like us to communicate with your CPA directly? >>Learn more
  • COMPLETE ASAP’s YEAR END CHECKLIST to confirm you’ve captured everything >>START

Year End Webinar:

Review the recording and select chapter to skip ahead.


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