ASAP’s Virtual Server Solution – hosting at its finest!

With ASAP’s Virtual Server Solution you can host and access your QuickBooks® data anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with your accounting team, your CPA, and manage your day-to-day accounting – all accessing the same QuickBooks® database!


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Enjoy the advantages of a fully functioning desktop in a virtual, cloud-based environment. Work from your PC, Mac, or tablet device anytime, anywhere and let us handle the related IT, maintenance, backups, and updates.


With multi-user access, you and your accounting team can work in the same files at the same time – no more shuffling discs and files back and forth. No downloads or installs; users can simply login through an internet browser. Simplified printing makes printing reports on the fly a breeze.


Rest-assured your data is secure. Our servers are built with the highest standards of security and redundancy so you data is protected. Multi-Factor Authentication and self-serve password management adds another layer of security.

Software Hosting

Not just for QuickBooks hosting. ASAP’s Virtual Server can host a variety of applications. Let’s review your software and confirm it’s a candidate for our hosting environment.

QuickBooks® Leasing

Want the latest version of QuickBooks®? ASAP offers QuickBooks® leasing options, including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise. This is an optional add-on. If you already have your preferred version, you’ll simply provide us with your license number.


Hosting refers to making your QuickBooks available through the internet. Hosting QuickBooks means that the QuickBooks software and data files are installed, stored, accessed and run on the hosting provider’s servers, rather than on one’s own device. To access the hosted QuickBooks, users simply need a web browser and an internet connection from any device. ASAP utilizes servers that are certified by Intuit’s (the developer of QuickBooks) Commercial Hosting Program, which is the highest industry standard for QuickBooks hosting.

We recommend our clients have a reliable internet connection with relatively good speed to utilize ASAP’s Virtual Server. A connection of at least 3-5 megabytes upload and download speed is recommended for connecting to ASAP’s Virtual Server. Click HERE to test your upload and download speed. If you’re using the QuickBooks desktop application, it is not reliant upon internet connectivity, as the software is installed directly onto a single device. Although QuickBooks Desktop can be more reliable without internet, users lose the convenience and mobility benefits of a hosted service and are limited to using the software on a single device. ASAP utilizes servers that are SSAE 16 Certified, meaning they meet authorized and strict industry standards for safety, security, and reliability.

ASAP utilizes servers that backup data locally and offsite, ensuring a redundant and reliable back up process. Data on the servers is backed up nightly and weekly, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your data will always be there for you when you need it.

ASAP’s nightly data backups are retained for seven days, while the weekly data backups are retained for four weeks. ASAP utilizes unique servers that allow us to restore files in minutes, compared to most other servers that require hours and sometimes days to restore files.

Absolutely! ASAP utilizes hosting services that are SSAE 16 Certified, meaning they meet authorized and strict industry standards for safety, security, and reliability. ASAP also requires that each user in our hosted environment utilize Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, which is a simple, convenient, yet effective way to ensures that those logging into the server are approved ASAP users.

You would retain your database; the data is yours. Although we would be sad to see you leave, we will support you with the transition process of moving data to your local device. We will help you with backing-up your data and unique saved files from the servers to your device. If you leased a license through ASAP, you will need to purchase your own license to continue using QuickBooks.

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Access ASAP's Virtual Server

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