Time & Labor Solutions

Manage your greatest asset – your workforce.

Time & Labor Solutions is ASAP’s fully customizable workforce management solutions. This is much more than a time-clock. Choose from several editions and scale features based on your company’s unique needs. With this comprehensive tracking system you can strategically track and manage time off requests and approvals, track time by department/task/job, develop administrative functions for time approval, receive automated notifications via email.

  • increase productivity and track attendance/behavior
  • integrate and implement various hardware/data capturing alternatives
  • spend less time approving time-sheets and shuffling paper

Small Business Edition

This solutions is the simplist of our timekeeping options, but can be upgraded to the Enterprise Edition when your time management needs increase. Manage time with a more simple, user-friendly platform. >>Product Overview, Small Business Edition.

Enterprise Edition

Our Time & Labor Solution product allows you to manage time with a fully customizable platform that is scalable to meet your needs as your needs grow. Track time off requests electronically, receive email notification, create dynamic schedules, track points for performance, customize reports, pay prep preview module, and more. >>Product Overview, Enterprise Edition.

>>Compare Small Business Edition versus Enterprise Edition.

Mobile-Friendly! As more people use smartphones and tablets on a regular basis for business purposes, it is imperative that workforce management solutions utilize these technologies as well. Employees can punch in/out with GPS Coordinates, view acrrual balances, request time off, change costs centers, and view schedules. While Managers can approve time off requests, see who is in/out, and manage costs centers.

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