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Automatic Gratuities as Service Charges

Automatic Gratuities as Service Charges

Effective January 1st restaurants that put service or automatic gratuity on bills for larger parties now have to show these charges as taxable sales/service charges (not as tips) and are subject to all payroll tax withholding. That added fee will need to be included with their payroll, meaning workers will have to wait to get the extra cash. Restaurants are required to report to the...

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Back to School – Laws restrict hours of student employees.

With school back in session, it’s important to understand the legalities behind employing students. It is legal to employ students during the school year, however federal and state laws impose certain restrictions on the amount of time students can spend at your business. Resources: Federal overview >>FindLaw.com – Legal for Students to Work During the School Year Colorado Youth Employment Laws >>CDLE, colorado.gov




Time & Labor Management and the Affordable Care Act

June marks the halfway point for 2013 – my, how time flies! With that, this means we are less than 6 months away from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation and within the minimum required look-back period (6 consecutive month measurement period). The ACA will not only impact the U.S. healthcare system, but also will significantly impact the way Employers manage their workforce. When it...

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Time & Labor Solutions

Time & Labor Solutions is ASAP’s fully customizable workforce management solutions. This is much more than a time-clock. Choose from several editions and scale features based on your company’s unique needs. With this comprehensive tracking system you can strategically track and manage time off requests and approvals, track time by department/task/job, develop administrative functions for time approval, receive automated notifications via email. Small Business Edition...

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Department Of Labor Timesheet App Demonstrates Need for Automated Time Tracking

The Department of Labor (DOL) developed a wage and hour app for workers, The DOL Timesheet app. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA), employers are required to track and record their employees’ hours worked. The app is a timesheet to help employees independently track regular work hours, break time, overtime hours, and respective compensation for one or more employers. This initiative is one more...

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An Employers Guide to Tips

Tipped employees are required to report and pay taxes on all their wages – including tips. Employers are stuck in the middle because they are responsible for withholding Federal income tax, State income tax, and FICA from wages when processing payroll. Each party has their own responsibility in reporting tips. It is important to follow and comply with IRS tip reporting rules. Here is a...

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