Whether you are starting a tech company or a new retail store – getting the financial processes right from the beginning will save you a ton of headaches as you grow. Some months making payroll might be tough, or you might have extra reporting requirements to bring on an investor. ASAP is the payroll and accounting resource that understands your unique needs and is here to help you manage your financial growth.

Day 1 – “How to Get Started” Consulting

  • We’ll outline the steps to get your business set up and provide you with the resources you need from the get-go.
  • Providing explanations and answering questions about your obligations as an employer.
  • When you’re ready to pay your first employee, we will help you completing all state and federal paperwork requirements.
  • If ASAP does not offer a service you need, such as legal advise or tax resources, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution from our trusted parnter network.

  • We can help you understand payroll tax expenses, personnel budgets and forecasting to help navigate tight times.
  • Avoid surprise Worker’s Compensation invoices with our integrated Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation plans.
  • Superior reports such as department analysis, benefit calculations and accruals, and workers compensation.
  • Payroll integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and various reports such as P&L so you can easily manage labor costs.
  • Employee Direct Deposit and Electronic Check Delivery – avoid the hassles of signatures and lost checks
  • Simple time clock solutions to manage and track time for hourly employees.
  • Paperless Bill Management speeds up bill and payment workflows while automating approval processes and improving audit trails.
  • Eliminate paper bills; easily store digital copies of invoices, contracts, and other documents.
  • Easy payment processing in a few clicks; paying your vendors via ePayment eliminates ‘check runs’ saving you time and money.
  • Automate all the manual bill routing tasks while maintaining a digital audit trail of all activity – no surprises come audit time.
  • Mobile friendly and synchronizes directly with your QuickBooks® data.
  • Accounting packages customized to meet your needs – from high-level oversight to fully integrated online accounting to track all expenses and revenues.
  • Paperless accounts payables / receivables – all handled online with efficient workflows.
  • We reconcile bank statements, sales tax remittance, payroll entry so you don’t have to.
  • With ASAP’s QuickBooks® Remote, you can access your financial data anytime, anywhere via a secure internet connection.
  • Collaborate online with your financial team (CFO’s, bookkeepers, CPA’s) and ASAP’s team as needed.
  • Share reports and financial data with Board Members and Investors all online
  • Background screening available through ASAP
  • New Hire Reporting as required by law; Garnishment filing and reporting
  • Vacation, Sick Leave Accruals, 401(k) and S125 Cafeteria tracking and reporting
  • Access to ASAP’s Online HR Support Center for downloadable forms, checklists, job descriptions, handbook templates and more
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