Paperless Bill Management

ASAP partnered with Bill.com in 2009 to manage payables in a web-based environment.  We find it to be the most efficient and simplest method of managing accounts payable.  ASAP can help you make the transition from a paper-based system and show you how to leverage the power of Bill.com.  Depending on your needs; ASAP will virtually manage your entire Accounts Payable work-flow or simply help you & your team launch.  With years of experience; ASAP is here to help you solve your accounting workflow problems.  Schedule a free consultation today!

CASH FLOW (Payables):

Get a quick idea of your cash-on-hand before and after you pay bills. Interactive cash flow calendar gives you a glance of the month ahead.

CASH FLOW (Receivables):

Get paid by your customers faster with “epayments” made directly to your bank account. No more running to the bank to deposit checks.


All of your books stay up to date, giving you a clearer view of your business, and saving you a ton of time.


Works with your current process and takes half the time


Search any and all filed documents.

Effeciencies of Bill.com

Accounts Payable

  • No more filing cabinets

  • No more paperwork to shuffle

  • No more waiting on approvers

  • No more “Check Runs”

  • No more vendor-go-around

  • Document retrieval

Accounts Receivable

  • Go paperless with less effort

  • Collaborate with your team virtually

  • Track any & all receivables

  • Cut corners on repetitive payments

  • 100% safe and secure

  • Get paid faster


Product Review

“Bill.com® is a perfect complement to QuickBooks® desktop and online platforms, allowing users to seamlessly manage payables and receivables in an easy-to-use, web-based application. Bill.com really bridges the gap between traditional desktop software and “SaaS” (Software as a Service) by offering a readily available web-portal that is streamlined and soft on the eyes.

Bills, vendor credits, bill payments, and various other source documents can all be easily tracked from the moment they are accepted into Bill.com’s inbox, to the moment they are paid by Bill.com (traditional check and e-payment options available). Bill.com’s audit capabilities create transparency in monitoring, where members of your team are involved in the acceptance, approval, and payment process for all documents, and users can also be assigned pre-fabricated or custom roles, bolstering internal controls for your accounting operations.

Additionally, Bill.com’s sync application allows for changes and updates to be synced into/out of QuickBooks at the click of a button – no more logging into your QuickBooks file just to update a vendor’s information, or update your Chart of Accounts. Bill.com also offers a friendly and reliable Support team, which is available via phone, email, and online chat. They are great at helping resolve any issues with payments, stop payments, syncing, or just general questions about the program. Bill.com adds another dimension of security, reliability, and efficiency to how your organization handles payments to vendors, or payments from customers.”

JR Starns
Bill.com Guru

Testimonial JR Starns