Non-profit organizations all have one thing in common – they make the most out of every dollar because it matters to their mission. ASAP’s payroll and accounting services are affordable and efficient for routine processes. And, our experts are available for as-needed consulting and oversight. Protect your non-profit status with ASAP’s reliable, compliant payroll services and automate your accounting functions with ASAP’s online accounting tools.

  • Pay employees and contractors consistently with our ‘No mistakes Payroll Tax Filing’ guarantee.
  • Functional expense allocation headaches? Use our time management solutions and superior reporting to easily track costs appropriately.
  • Provide board members remote, limited access to financial information and tools to approve and review payables in a few clicks.
  • Personable, reliable customer service  by professionals who understand your industry.
  • ‘No mistakes Payroll Tax Filing’ guaranteed, so you and your employees don’t get stuck with surprises.
  • Superior reports including tracking payroll expenses and employer tax liabilities across your funds/programs/grants/costs centers.
  • Employee Direct Deposit and Electronic Check Delivery – avoid the hassles of signatures and lost checks
  • Accounting packages customized to meet your needs – from high-level oversight to fully integrated online accounting for donations collection and bill paying.
  • Reconcile bank statements, sales tax remittance, payroll entry for you
  • With ASAP’s QuickBooks® Remote Server, you and your authorized Board Members can access your financial data anytime, anywhere
    via a secure internet connection.
  • Revenue and Expense reports by Fund, Balance Sheets and other reporting.
  • Easy to share reports and financial data with Board Members and Committees.
  • We work with your financial team (including CPA, CFO, Controller, Bookkeeper)
  • Paperless Bill Management speeds up bill and payment workflows while automating approval processes and improving audit trails.
  • Eliminate paper bills; easily store digital copies of invoices, contracts, and other documents.
  • Easy payment processing in a few clicks; paying your vendors via ePayment eliminates ‘check runs’ saving you time and money.
  • Automate all the manual bill routing tasks while maintaining a digital audit trail of all activity – no surprises come audit time.
  • Mobile friendly and synchronizes directly with your QuickBooks® data.

A Few of Our Non-Profit Clients

“ASAP’s team helps our organization keep professional and accurate financials. I especially enjoy the ability to access our financial data anytime through their Remote Server, this allows us to keep our Board of Directors informed and up-to-date with the latest financial records.”

~ Erica Kinias, Executive Director | Telluride Historical Museum

Erica Museum-sq

“As a non profit, cost is a big consideration in choosing our vendors. I was surprised to see how much valuable resources ASAP offers along with basic services. I especially like receiving reminders when payroll is due and the personal assistance I receive when adding a new employee or setting up a new time off policy.”

~ Liz Mora, Executive Director | Women’s Resource Center

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