We’re not sales hounds, in fact we don’t even have a sales team.  We are consultants and small business specialists who want to help you find the right solution to make YOU more successful. If you provide us with some background information we can then be prepared to have an engaging process about your needs and challenges and and provide you with the best mix of solutions. This information will not be shared outside of our organization in any capacity – we pride ourselves in confidentiality. We look forward to connecting!

Which ASAP services are you interested in learning more about?

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Company Setup

We will gather your background information, including business name, address, entity type, bank information, payroll tax account details, and authorized contacts.

Employee Setup

We can extract the year-to-date payroll information from your current payroll processor so ASAP can file complete Forms W-2 at year-end. If you’re a new employer we will walk you through all the necessary information we will need for set up including what employee forms you need to retain for your files.

Confirmation, Agreements, Pre-Process

Once we’ve received all the company and employee information for set up, we will walk you through a brief, yet thorough confirmation process.

Don’t fear change with ASAP, we guide you through the transition process every step of the way. We will go above and beyond to make for a smooth transition for everyone involved. From start to finish, we can have you set up and processing your first payroll within a week. There are no contracts with ASAP. You can stop your service anytime, however hundreds of small businesses love ASAP and we’re confident you will too. Check out our Switching Payroll Providers page for more information.

Meet Your New Team!