Mary Dikeman

Mary DikemanAccounting Clerk

Mary Dikeman works as ASAP’s Payables Clerk and handles all the incoming bills and payables entry for the majority of our accounting clients. In addition, she assists with payroll reporting and reconciliation.

She started working for ASAP back in September of 2012 as a contract worker. Then, by April the next year, she joined the ASAP team full-time and the rest is history as they say. Prior to that, she had worked for the Department of Energy in Grand Junction where she performed a lot of clerical work and mastered her data entry skills. Soon after that she met her husband and spent time working at home helping her husband with his software development business as well as raising and schooling her two daughters.

Eventually, she heard from a friend as well as an ASAP client, that ASAP was looking to hire someone of her skill set. After meeting with our hiring team, she gleaned into the friendliness and team mentality and decided to jumped right in. She loves the opportunities she’s had working at ASAP as well as working with all the friendly people that make our company unique.

Having lived all over Colorado her whole life, Mary loves the outdoor lifestyle of the state and enjoys spending time Jeeping with her family as well as riding ATV’s and camping. She has two very talented daughters whom she loves to watch and support their dancing careers.


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