Jacqui Day


Senior Account Manager

Jacqui is a Senior Account Manager for ASAP, focusing on providing financial data and reporting to help clients make strategic decisions. Over her career, Jacqui has worked at three different public accounting firms over a twelve year period which provided her with the tax knowledge and reporting skills that she utilizes daily.

Jacqui was born in Fort Riley, Kansas and graduated from Arizona Western College. Before joining ASAP, Jacqui was most recently a Staff Accountant with NATA Compliance Services in Reno, NV and David Raff & Company, a California CPA firm.

Jacqui enjoys taking messy data and turning it into actionable reports. She claims the bigger the mess, the more satisfaction she gets from cleaning it up. You’ll find her typically deep into job costing, inventory reports and special reports for start-ups. Over the years, she has become particularly savvy with accounting and reporting for manufacturing, construction and start-ups but will tackle any problem for any customer in any industry for the challenge.

Jacqui is an active member of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, the Four Corners Beekeepers Association and the National Wild Turkey Foundation. She is certified as a Master Gardner in Nevada and is an active beekeeper. With these involvements you might be able to get an idea of her hobbies! She loves hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening and tending to her chickens and bees.

Jacqui is a ProAdvisor!


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