ASAP Webinar Series:
Raising the Bar on Employee Benefits

Webinar Series - Raising the Bar on Employee Benefits

It is open enrollment time for health insurance! When it comes to health insurance in Colorado, options are particularly limited for rural areas such as Southwest Colorado. To help you navigate the challenging health insurance landscape, we created a series of informative webinars about healthcare options on the Western Slope.

We partnered up with insurance and wellness experts to provide insights and creative ways to boost your employee benefits (and business outcomes). In these videos, we explore fully funded and level-funded health insurance, as well as employee wellness programs. Before signing up for a new plan (or sticking with your current one), check out these videos for fresh ideas and perspectives.

Getting Creative with Level-Funded Health Insurance Plans


Dan Fallon, president and CEO of The Benefit Group, breaks down level-funded health insurance options as an alternative to small group fully insured health plans in Colorado.

Fully Funded Health Insurance Plans for Western Colorado


Health insurance continues to become more challenging, complex, and expensive. In this webinar, Ken Bates and Renee Loranger from Durango Insurance Professionals provide an overview of the 2019 health insurance landscape for the Western Slope with a focus on funded health insurance options for small businesses, individuals, and families.

Starting a Workplace Wellness Program


When employees feel well, they bring their best selves to work. Rebecca Weitzel from Good Life Wellness Solutions presents “The Why & How of Workplace Wellbeing Programs” to improve business outcomes. In addition to sharing examples and case studies, Rebecca provides tips on how to motivate employees to change their behavior.