Customer Service Lessons from Telluride’s Beloved “Postman Jim”

Jim Looney, Telluride’s popular and oh-so-loved postman, retired after 20 years of service on October 27, 2018. With his welcoming smile and knack for remembering everyone he meets, “Postman Jim” is the type of person who makes you look forward to going to the post office.

For those who don’t know, Telluride does not have typical mail service. Residents have to visit to the post office to fetch mail from their PO boxes and retrieve packages from the staff. With that said, the post office sees about 300+ visitors a day.

Postman Jim Looney; photo by Brian Kozazk
"Postman Jim" Looney, the "Nicest Man in Telluride" (Photo by Brian Kozak)

ASAP’s Telluride office offers mail pick up from the post office for our accounting clients. With more than 30 PO boxes on our “route,” we spend a lot of time there and can say firsthand that the post office, and Telluride, will not be the same without Jim Looney. He is considered family by most residents, us included.

“Over time, the bulletin board where he posted postcards, Christmas cards and graduation announcements from friendly customers grew to seven bulletin boards, holding more than 150 paper greetings to the Nicest Man in Telluride,” describes the Daily Planet.

Jim Looney, Telluride Postman
In 2017, Jim helped raise $36,000 for the KOTO Winter Fundraiser (Daily Planet file photo/Jessica Kutz)

Jim is far more than a friendly face; he’s a model of stellar customer service. He turned a simple job into an opportunity to CONNECT with each patron. Here a few key lessons he’s taught us about delivering outstanding customer service:

  • Greet people by name, every time
  • Remember something specific or unique about your customers — and repeat it
  • You don’t have to live in a community to become a part of it (he commuted daily from Montrose)
  • Smile, it really will make others smile

“Jim took the time to get to know everyone and what they’re passionate about, and he always spoke to them about it when they came in. All the kids loved him as well! Especially since he always had something to give them when they visited the post office.”

Barrett Miller
Director of Association Services, ASAP Accounting & Payroll

Testimonial Barrett Miller

Jim’s last day at the Telluride Post Office was October 27. Thank you Jim for being a lovely person to see and for teaching us valuable lessons of how to be a good person.

Want to get a glimpse of the man himself? Watch this video where Jim helped raise $36k for the local radio station (KOTO) in 2017, setting the record for the highest fundraising day, ever.