Program Development Manager

Tish, Program Development Manager 1

As Program Development Manager, Tish joins our management team in overseeing the payroll operations. Her mission is to oversee and develop documentation of processes and procedures, improve our training and development initiatives, and build in workflows and systems to enhance efficiency in operations while maintaining a positive customer experience.

While she is working remotely from her home in Tampa, Florida she will be closely tied to ASAP’s leadership teams to improve operations and help further goals for the department as well as the executive team.

Tish has been an accounting and client relationship guru for over 17 years. Before joining ASAP, she was a Sr. Service & Support Specialist at Intuit, where she expertly resolved customer concerns across multiple business units through her key strengths of engagement, accuracy and longevity.

But she’s not just a people person, Tish knows how to leverage technology-forward solutions. From implementing a system using sophisticated, hands-free functionality for faster submissions and processing to everything Intuit and QuickBooks (naturally), Tish has an eye for innovation that improves client businesses, big and small.

Fun Facts About Tish

Secret talent: I can work on my own car – change the oil, brakes, tires, spark plugs, you name it, except for engine & transmission replacement!
Favorite outdoor activity: Roller-skating
Favorite shoes: Sneakers (Nike), Yogis and heels