Payroll Account Manager

Lisha, Payroll Account Manager 1

From our office in Durango, Lisha is a Payroll Account Manager. With a bachelor’s in accounting from the University of North Texas (Lisha hails from Dallas), she has worked in the banking industry and has over 10 years experience in the restaurant business with Front of House positions, including management. Lisha will testify that her banking experience helped her master a keen eye for detail and her restaurant background polished her service expertise.

Free time for Lisha includes her two dogs, Bandit and Bullet. You’ll find them on the go, outside as much as possible on a trail or in a tent.

Fun Facts About Lisha

Favorite Interest: Traveling
Favorite place in Colorado: Silverton/Ouray area
Favorite shoes: Chacos, and heels if they’re comfy