Director of Operations

Laila, Director of Operations 1

In her executive position as Director of Operations, Laila is responsible for process development, human resources and staff development. A firm believer that people are what makes a company successful, Laila works closely with the ASAP team to provide leadership and support that not only makes us a great company to work for, but to also do business with.

Laila spent her early career in the medical industry. After years of working in large organizations filled with international travel, she and her husband, Anton, made the move to Telluride (Mountain Village). Her dream to live in the Colorado mountains finally came true along with a career shift towards administration and community service.

As an entrepreneur serving community clients through her newly launched marketing company, Laila quickly saw a need for more communication and leadership at the community level. Taking the giant step to do something about it, she decided to run for town council. In July 2017 she was appointed the first female Mayor of the Mountain Village.

As Mayor, Laila operated in a CEO capacity. She developed top-notch skills in organizing multi-functional teams, coordinating projects, optimizing teams and individuals, and executing strategic initiatives.

When you take Laila’s awesome experience as a successful change-agent and combine it with her passion for people and organizations, you have someone you want on your side helping your team and your customers find success – and ASAP has her!