Associate Account Manager

Kate, Associate Account Manager 1

Kate is an Associate Account Manager working out of our Durango office. Currently finishing up her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting from West Texas A&M, Kate has an interesting background that blends accounting and veterinarian science. Most recently she performed assurance services at an audit firm in Amarillo, Texas, but before that, she was a lead veterinary technician coordinating staff and back-office administration.

A Southwest Colorado native, Kate spends her free time shadowed by her two treasured dogs, Candi, a Border Collie x Mini Aussie, and Riddley, a mixed Kelpie x Aussie rescue. You’ll find her camping, flyfishing and helping with her family’s cow/calf operation.

Fun Facts About Kate

Special interest: I’m a huge agriculture advocate and I also love art. (I’m not artistic, so it’s art galleries for me!)
Favorite place in Colorado: Sharkstooth Peak above Mancos, CO
Favorite shoes: My Corral cowboy boots!