Payroll Team Captain

Genia, Payroll Team Captain 1

A valued member of our Payroll Team, Genia leverages her extensive restaurant and hospitality experience to assist clients with an array of industry-specific issues.

This East Coast girl, born and raised in New Jersey, is a bold adventurer. Traveling the country as an aspiring photographer with hiking shoes, guitar and camera in-hand, Genia found her way into the restaurant business, which blossomed into restaurant development and management.

After several years living in the Western Slope of the Rockies and exploring the ever-changing landscapes of the Southwest, Genia sought a change of scenery and moved to be near her family in Iowa. She misses the mountains but is enjoying spending extra time with her family exploring nearby lakes and forest preserves.

Fun Facts About Genia

Favorite place to visit in Colorado: Lead King Basin
Coolest thing you know: Music can cure any ailment and bring people together (One Week by Bare Naked Ladies anyone?)
Favorite nonprofit that you support: Planned Parenthood – their affordable healthcare diagnosed my cancer and saved my life at age 19