Senior Account Manager

Gary, Senior Account Manager 1

Gary joined the Accounting Division in June 2022 as a Senior Account Manager working remotely from Colorado Springs. With a knack for numbers and all-things-HR, he is happy to lend a hand (or a kind ear) to clients and colleagues.

After earning an accounting degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Gary sharpened his skills as an accountant working for major corporations like Texaco and Chevron, as well as “very small” companies. As a “100% people person,” Gary also has extensive HR experience and “all that entails,” such as payroll, hiring, onboarding, and offboarding.

Fun Facts About Gary

Special interests & talents: Been playing guitar since 8th grade. Started my college career as a fine arts major, so I enjoy creating in many different mediums. Lately, I’ve been using my free time to reconnect with my guitar and art, particularly pastels.
Favorite place in Colorado: Fairplay. I love “South Park City” (reincarnation is a factor, I think!)
Favorite shoes: A good, sprung pair of tennis shoes with a couple of small holes — doesn’t get more comfortable than that!